Thursday, January 26, 2012

This ones for you!

Yes, you know who you are. I have had a few friends one my case for not blogging, for like forever. So I decided it was time to catch you all up and appease those who have been wanting to see pictures of the kiddos. I will spare you all the details of the past nine months. Cuz' lets face it that would be BORING! So I will just do it via a picture and a few simple words. Here goes...


I couldn't resist putting these pic's up. This summer over the 4th of July we went to see my sister Aubrey. While we were there we went and had a BBQ at slide rock. Where you sit on a piece of card board and slid down the rocks. Well,Tagg loved sliding down the rocks without the cardboard. He loved it so much that he just kept going up and down all that evening having a blast.

At first we tried to stop him but soon gave up the fight, because he was having so much fun. He did finally stop once he had worn threw his shorts and diaper, and said"my bum is ouchie!" It was hilarious! (i don't know why it is underlining here or bolding, but I can't figure out how to fix it, sorry.)

Little Cece is now 9 months old! She belts out all kinds of songs while she bangs on her little piano. And has now become my new vacuum finding anything that might be on the floor, and then shoving it in her mouth. We sure love her. She has got to be one of the most content, happiest and patient babies I have ever known. And she's all mine! So here are some fun and funny pictures of our little Cece.

Camping this summer

(Batman & Batgirl)

Our little cowboy!
What a cutie!

Cece helping Dan shovel the snow
Christmas Morning
This was one of my all time favorite pictures. This is Christmas morning at my parents house and Dan is trying to corral the kids upstairs while we wait for the grandparents.

I made Tagg a Captain America custom and bought the shield and mask. It was one of his favorite gifts. Doesn't he make a cute hero?
Well that is it for now. All the random ramblings are over. Hope you enjoyed it.


Richins Family said...

i loooove that you finally updated! your kids are soooo darling! oh how i miss you! 4 months and hopefully we'll be reunited :) love you